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Ann's Bakehouse Media Partners

Ann's Bakehouse Media Partners

Ann’s Bakehouse & Creamery was established in 2014 as a rebranded brand from La Madeleine Patisserie (1997-2010). We are strong in cake delivery service, servicing the local and expat market in Jakarta, Indonesia for years. Thus, our highly skilled pastry chefs and bakers are well-trained professionals, with over a decade of baking experiences.

Ann’s Bakehouse creations and services cater to both retail and business-to-business. We accommodate catering service for private & corporate events, large quantities of premium cakes, pastries and baked goods supplies for multinational companies and B2B reseller (well known restaurants, high traffic coffee shops, catering, retailers).

As one of our marketing strategies, every month we offer interesting program and promotions for our customers. To strengthen this strategy, we often collaborate with several potential partners, as well as media partners to broaden our market.