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Vaping a Key Lime Pie?

Vaping a Key Lime Pie?

Discover an innovative and creative creation has always been part of our business development strategy. Not only cakes and bakery products, but this time we made a unique innovation by creating vape liquid products. This creation is the result of our collaboration with Astorini, as one of the vape liquid producers in Indonesia. And now, you can enjoy our key lime pie by vaping it!

Vape liquid with the taste of Key Lime Pie as our signature products, provide a fresh cream lime flavor for vape lovers. This product is available in 60ml sizes with 2 types of variants, which are 3mg & 6mg, and sold for 150K. Now, 3000 pieces of our vape liquid have been distributed to Java and Kalimantan.

This unique innovation makes Ann’s Bakehouse & Creamery become the first cake shop and bakery in Indonesia, even in the world which creates a collaboration concept with vape liquid producer. It shows our desire to keep develops and grows not only in the bakery industry, but also in other relevant industries.