All of or Custom Creations are freshly baked and handled by a well hand-crafted production team to fill in you special moments like Wedding, Birthdays, Anniversary and others. Custom creations will be perfect to add a personal touch to your moments.

As shown on the picture above, there are some of the example of our Custom Creations. The prices shown are the Decoration and Procurement Fee. Cake price and delivery fee are not included.

Please note that NOT all cakes can be used for Custom Creations due to their fragile texture. The cake selections above are the best creations that we can offer. We always want to put and maintain our premium quality first to achieve your satisfaction.

If you have any specific enquires (e.g. your own design looks/non allergen ingredients), please contact us through our email: or call us: (021) -729 2764. Our friendly operator will happily assist you to meet your special requirements.