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Jakarta's Best Online Cake Delivery

Jakarta's Best Online Cake Delivery

We make it easy for you. Cake at One-Click-Away Service to make your life more convenient.
We deliver everyday from 8 AM to 17 PM.
(Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi covered)

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A savory dish that you could eat anytime! Simply good open-faced pastry crust with various choices of filling. Variety of filling: Spinach, Smoke Beef, Chicken, All in One.

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We supply premium cakes, pastries and baked goods for business owners. Creating a signature product for your business. Learn More

Catering Service

We cater to coffee breaks and also corporate needs. Providing you with exceptional quality desserts, local selections, and canapes for both corporate and private events. Learn More

Ann's Bakehouse & Creamery

Ann's Bakehouse & Creamery was re-established in 2014 from a reputable patisserie, La Madeleine (1998 - 2010) servicing the local and expat market in Jakarta, Indonesia for years. Thus, our highly skilled pastry chef and bakers are well-trained professionals, with over a decade of baking


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